July 23rd, 2003


Nasal Rangers travel to landfills and sniff them

I spent a good hour and a half in my yard tonight whipping it into shape. I tore out a huge chunk of ivy that was growing through my fence. That stuff is really hardcore, it even secreted some sort of sticky substance to make it stick to the raw cedar of the fence. That's a pretty smart plant. Anyway I tore out most of that so the fence looks much cleaner now. I mowed and edged the backyard and watered most of my yard. My garden is doing well, all is going good.

I downloaded some episodes of Stripperella the other day and just got around to watching them. It's a really funny show, and it's got hot animated strippers in it! The premise is bascially that there is an exotic dancer (Erotica) whose also a super hero. She has to solve crimes like whose been robbing all the $.89 stores in the area. It's quite good. Her scientific inventor guys are hillarious, they're always trying to see her nipples or get a mold of her ass so they can build her new weapons.