July 10th, 2003


Michigan county accidently bans smoking in private homes

So the other day I emailed my new boss:

Thank you for the request, and I want to assure you that it will be considered
very seriously once the psychological profile is complete.

> -----Original Message-----
> From: Scott Baker
> Sent: Wednesday, July 02, 2003 10:59 AM
> To: Dena Clark
> Subject: Machete
> Dear Dena,
> We just had a meeting with HR and she brought up that some of the
> operations guys get CTA machetes. I'm just curious when us IT guys are
> going to get our machetes? I went into the patch panel closet the other
> day and almost lost a leg. I was able to fight my way free with my
> leatherman tool, but it took me three hours. If only I'd had a machete.
> Thanks for reading,
> Scott

I just got ANOTHER email from her stating that she's going to be out of town and we have any issues we'll be reporting directly to the president of the company until she gets back. Her email included a PS that said "This may be a good time to escalate that request for machetes."

How cool is that?

Morgan Freeman, Laurence Fishburne: "Super-duper magical Negroes"

OMG I TOTALLY MET WIL WHEATON! His site said yesterday that he'd be in downtown today signing his book so potsie, gorgonous, and themabbi went down to see him. Picked up a copy of his book down there for $13 and read part of it while waiting for him to arrive. He's a really small guy, short and skinny. He read from his book for probably half an hour and then signed his books.

As I was waiting in line I noticed he had a Strongbad pin so I mentioned it and he totally went off on a Strongbad tangent for a couple of minutes. I guess the Strongbad guys gave the pin to him. He totally out geeked us. Jason was pretty star struck and in the middle of the mini-strongbad conversation Jason says "We're totally having a conversation with Wesley Fucking Crusher" it was classic. Wil's a really cool guy, I really dig him.

I actually saw Eric Raymond there too. He must be in town for OScon. He was pretty weird, kinda shakey... almost looked drunk. Not really sure what was going on, I was sorta surprised.

In closing... I MET WIL WHEATON!!!