July 9th, 2003


Burt Reynolds attacks puppet

Yesterday Russ comes into my cubicle and says "There is a meeting at 9am I think you should go to." So I check my calendar and there's nothing waiting for me. "I don't show a meeting on my calendar, what's it about?" "You really should go..." and then he walked away. So I go to this mysterious meeting wondering what it could be about. It was about 5 minutes long and half the company was there. My old boss' boss Connie put in her resignation. Pretty crazy, sorta came out of no where.

And on a totally different note:

ScottChiefBaker: What's the big seller?
cac0f0ny: but yesterday i got one of those $150 ones out
ScottChiefBaker: ???
ScottChiefBaker: You sold $150 dildo?
cac0f0ny: yar
ScottChiefBaker: No way... what the heck does it do?
cac0f0ny: the dishes
cac0f0ny: no, not really
cac0f0ny: but it has a digital screen on it
ScottChiefBaker: WHAT!?!
cac0f0ny: i'm totally serious
ScottChiefBaker: No farking way... digital display? Does it give you a measurement of the pleasure value in full LCD glory?
cac0f0ny: nah
cac0f0ny: it just tells them which mode it's running it
cac0f0ny: they totally could get more creative with it

Truckload of cheese catches fire, kicks off world's biggest fondue party

All right ladies... get in line. Mailorderhusbands.com is open and taking applications. I know there are several of you desperate enough to try this, so I thought I'd point it out. There are some real "catches" on there. Get em while they're hot.

I was checking my bank account today and the $2000 for our Vegas Honeymoon came through. Wow, that'll mess up your bank account in a hurry!

On a side note my Mozilla evangelism finally paid off. I got Mozilla on our new installation CD. Hell, even Opera 7.0 is on there :) Suck it IE!