July 7th, 2003


"Swimming with the dolphins" attraction sued after woman gets butt kicked by said dolphins

Ike and I drove by his house to check out his wiring situation for data. His crawl space is pretty big so we were peaking into it (hanging in it from above) and I saw there were some spiderwebs in it. No big deal there are always spiderwebs under a house. Then I saw it! The single largest "free range" spider I've ever seen in my natural life. The thing was the size of a grapefruit and it was devouring a large rat it has just caught. Actually that's all BS but it was a freaking huge spider. It was seriously the biggest spider I've ever seen live. I don't do spiders very well.

Later today at work my brother calls me and starts bitching about playing raquetball since we haven't played in a while. We agree to play after work and I get up there about 7:30 and we play for an hour. I totally kicked his butt just like usual but on the LAST point of the LAST game he hits a shot directly into my junk. I fall to the floor and the lights immediately go out signaling that our time was up... I didn't move for thiry seconds. Crazy thing is, it was the perfect shot. 100% twig and 0% berries. Wow! At least I won the game.