July 6th, 2003


Man baaaaa-ffled by teleporting lamb

Angie and I went to church this morning and then swung by Levitz on the way home to help my dad pick up the kitchen table and chairs. He came over after that and we spent a good chunk of the afternoon assembling the chairs and table. It's all put together and looking totally gorgeous if I do say so myself. Of course anything would look good after that previous table that I had. Ugh. Plus these chairs are way more comfortable.

My dad shared with me the long standing Baker tradition of putting up wallpaper. I guess his dad was quite the wallpaper guy, and he's not too shabby himself. We put up the wallpaper around my kitchen (we covered up the blue striping). The combination of the new table, the tile, and wallpaper really look nice. I'm really surprised how much nicer the kitchen looks now. I just need to pick up some brown wallbase from Home Depot to finish out the kitchen then it will be ALL done.