June 24th, 2003


Zion is too big: it's like Coruscant Spaceport, only it's an innie instead of an outie.

So today was pretty wild. I got a lot done today at work which was quite nice, despite the 3 solid hours of meetings I was in. One of those meetings involved me getting a new boss. Well not my direct boss, but my boss' boss. So now we report to Operations instead of Customer Care. Could be a lot more opportunity to work with some other technical people.

After work gorgonous and themabbi went to Costco to look at some camping stuff. I told them I saw the single largest tent ever there and I wanted to show them. Costco has this 20 foot by 10 foot four room tent. The thing is crazy huge. We were trying to figure out what possible use it could have. Ben called it the polygamist tent because you could sleep a husband and ten wives comfortably. Ben ended up getting another tent not quite so big for $100. After we left Costco we forced Isaac to eat a "Costco Dog" since he never had. Those things are so good and they're onlye $1.50!!!

After that we went to Target to look at more camping stuff because they had a good ad on Sunday. They were sold out of the stove and lantern that we wanted but we did get some propane and I got a self inflating mattress. So we all got what we wanted mostly. After we got home Ben and I set about setting up his massive tent. It's gotta be the coolest tent I've ever seen, it'll be really nice for camping. No more 5 separate tents, now we'll have one nice tent. It'll be cool cuz if it's cold or rainy outside we can go in the tent and just chill.

Now I should be in bed because Isaac and I have a data wiring class tomorrow that I have to be up early for.