June 11th, 2003


Do you know what part of a dog needs scratchin'? Do ya? It's their BRISKET.

Today was pretty nuts. In more ways that one things just really seemed "off" today. Too many crazy things going on lately, I wish things would just calm down.

After work I made another attempt to get my toilet working, still no go. Jared was cool enough to come by and look at it and and we determined that I have the wrong gasket. I went to Home Depot and the guy told me what I need special for a specific line of toilet. So I'll have to go to a plumbing store and they might have to order it special. God knows how long I'll be out of a toilet. Frustrating that I can't get that damn thing working, it's really not that complex. I took the morning off tomorrow to go to the plumbing store and hopefully get that thing up and working.

As I was driving home I realized how dead on Maslow was. I always wondered how true his heirarchy really was, but the more of my life I live the more right I think he was.