June 8th, 2003


Canby Telephone sewed up my dogs scrotum - Potsie

Yesterday wheezer and bigj came over to help me put in a new water heater. I was pretty stoked because I was expecting to spend around $250 but it was only $179 and I guess there is a $60 rebate from the utility company. Anyway those guys came over and totally teched up the whole thing. We knocked that bitch out in record time. I'm constantly impressed by the technical prowess of my friends.

I downloaded the MTV Movie Awards and I was watching them. Of note were Gollum's Acceptance speach which was one of the funniest damn things I've seen in a while and t.A.T.u's performance. t.A.T.u was freaking hot. They have probably 200 hundred girls rush the stage dressed in schoolgirl uniforms. They start to dance and slowly remove clothing. Finally after the song is over they all kiss. I love Russia.