June 3rd, 2003


Bathroom file server, here we come...

As a test the other day I downloaded episode 52 of Cooking Master Boy via BitTorrent. As always BitTorrent was quite speedy and effective. So I had this episode on my computer for a good week now, so Ben and I decided to dust it off and try it out.

The show consists of a gigantic cooking competition held for the emperor. Cooking Master Boy makes a delicious dish: the Crystal Phoenix. His special technique is... are you ready for this!?! Peeling and removing the heads of bean sprouts and making them into the shape of a bird. Well of course the emperor loves this and they win the contest.

Unfortunately one of his friends falls ill due the evil Dark Cooking Societies misdeeds. So the Legendary Cooking Utensils come flying across the stadium in a grand beam of light and the main characters make a special dish of rainbow soup to cure his friend. Then they must embark on a journey to find the remaining Legendary Utensils! Wow... I was riveted!