June 2nd, 2003


One out of every 142 U.S. residents is in jail

Angie just came over after getting off work to show me the casualties of her latest accident at work. I guess they were trying to lift a pallette of stuff at work and it fell on her finger. Somehow her finger survived but her wedding ring didn't. It's pretty bent, I'm surprised she could get it off her finger.


Ever wanted to wear a Pickle Hat? Here's your chance

Angie, Ben, and I just played a couple of cool Cheapass games. We played: The Great Brain Robbery, and Kill Dr. Lucky. Ben picked them up at the game store the other day when we were there. I think they were $7 a piece or something. They're both pretty fun, and pretty simple.

So I started poking around their site and I saw that they have a lot of cool games. I ended up spending $50 on their site and getting 12 games. Where else can you get 12 (!!!) games for $50! I picked up: Bitin' Off Hedz, Chief Herman's Holiday Fun Pack, Deadwood, Devil Bunny Needs A Ham, Devil Bunny Hates The Earth, Landyland, Mana Burn, Spree! (HK Edition), Vegas, The Very Clever Pipe Game, Steam Tunnel, and Nexus.