May 21st, 2003


Iraqi peasant shooted an Apache with a rifle when he saw US Navi soldiers raping his goat

Today after work Jared had some time to kill so he came over to help me tear down the ass shelves in my garage. We tore down one of them and rebuilt it so it's more stable and not going to totally fall apart. I still need to get some chain to hang it from my ceiling, but it's mostly done. I can't believe the people that put it up. They did a really crappy job. It'll be nice knowing it's much more solid.

I didn't have a hammer, since mine was stolen, so I decided to bike to Freddies to get another one. I biked the long way back on purpose, just to get some exercise. Now either I'm getting in shape, or the long way is a whole lot easier than I remember. Also, yesterday I actually made it up this killer hill without having to walk my bike. Crazy!

On a side note a cable rep came to our door and totally tried to hard sell Ben cable TV and cable Internet. I guess Ben grilled the guy about DSL vs Cable for a while. I can't imagine buying any service from those guys, that company is really scary.