May 12th, 2003


Bread makes me poop!

For Mother's Day this year my mom just wanted the family to volunteer for the Oregon Food Bank. I quickly agreed because it made deciding what to do/get for Mother's Day all that much easier. It was held at the post office because all the mail carriers were picking up food, and we (the volunteers) just had to sort it.

So mail trucks full of non-perishable food would come in and we'd have to sort it. Either "hard" cans/molded plasic or "soft" for just about everything else. People donate some really crazy things. The sheer amount of food we moved was amazing though. They had cardboard boxes on pallettes that were about six feet cubed and I think we probably filled up 25 of those. Each one of those weighing just about a ton. That's a serious amount of food!

The best item donated was this can of Campbell's Minestrone soup. The label looked a little dated so I took a closer look at the can and it had an expiration date of 1993!!! It's 2003! That's ten years over its expiration date. Wow!