April 25th, 2003


plus you are not helping lord gates and mount redmond take over the net/world.

So today Jason and I have to go out to a customers house to fix his DSL. We troubleshot his computer for a while before trying a laptop... still no luck. Ended up being a faulty card. So over the course of us troubleshooting for fifteen minutes we mention that this guy has a cool snake in his living room. "If you think that's weird you'll love my tarantula!" he says.

He points at an aquarium and says "check her out." He has this six year old tarantula that he ordered off the Internet as a spiderling. I guess you can order baby tarantulas online and "grow" them. So we proceeded to talk about how deadly they aren't (they're only mildly poisonous) and how they shed their skin once a year. He pulls out a tarantula husk from under his cabinet, it was really freaky. This "husk" looks just like a real tarantula it's not like split open or anything, it's just a tarantula shell. The husk even had fangs on it. It was WILD!

So now I know tarantulas aren't deadly, but they're still really freaky. They're big, hairy, and scary!