April 11th, 2003


Mrs. Dash is my mistress

I got home from work at about 5:15 after a nice call from Angie at work. Apparently she was really upset that we weren't going to go to the movies tonight. So I get home and plunk down on the couch to relax and she comes in the door still a little upset. We talk about it, get it smoothed over and we agree to go register for wedding gifts. I agreed mostly because she was upset and it would give us something to do. So we go to Meier and Frank and register which is wildly thrilling let me tell you.

After we finish it's been two hours and we decide to come home. We have some nice clam chowder (it's Friday) and then she calls sassadaisy to go over and watch friends. So now she's over watching friends and I'm sitting here relaxing. What an exciting night...