April 7th, 2003


DJ Derek: "We live too close to Scott Baker. I can't resist his huggable ass"

Mowed the lawn today after work... I've decided that I'm just going to leave the bag off and just mulch all the cut grass this year. See how wel that works. While I was mowing I saw that I have some monster weeds growing in my back yard. I found some old "stuff" in my garage from last summer that I'm hoping was weed killer. I loaded up my sprayer and sprayed all the big weeds in my backyard. I don't remember what it was, just a milk jug full of some brown liquid. It's either weed killer or roundup. I'm hoping weed killer, but I'll guess we'll wait and see.

Had a really nice dinner of a perfect cooked baked potato and some garlic bread. It was delicious and I suppose somewhat healthy minus all the margarine. Time to go read some more of The Stand. Sorta weird that when I was little kid I couldn't even comprehend reading a 300 page book, let alone one without pictures. Needless to say the stand is 1200 pages and there are no pictures and it's still an excellent book.