March 13th, 2003


Anna Nicole thrilled until told "curves" do not mean undulating piles of fat

Two popup ad related topics today. First off, holy crap how annoying are popup ads? I accidentally turned off the automatic popup blocking in Mozilla and almost had a coronary right there on the spot! They're everywhere and they're totally annoying! Ugh!

However, while I accidentally had my popup blockingn off I did get a gigantic full page popup for... *drum roll* a piece of software the promised to block 100% of your unwanted popup ads. People are so stupid sometimes I swear!

There are no Cats in Canadian Ketchup.

So the other day I picked up an account. It's $15 a month for unlimited legal MP3 downloads from their site. They have a pretty eclectic mix of music. Most of it is indie stuff and pretty decent. It's all sampled at 128kbs and includes the ID3 tags. As far as I can tell they're normal MP3s, no DRM stuff. For whatever odd reason the "genre" of every MP3 I've got from them has been blues! :)

The first night I was getting 400k downloads from their site. This stuff screams down! I've really been adding to my music collection with all sorts of weird stuff. I wish I had found this a long time ago!