February 3rd, 2003


you could have solved any problems you know with a firm open palmed slap on the ass

I suppose I'm well overdue for a post. Haven't been posting on the ole LJ in a while lately, not sure why.

So let's see... things of interest. Went to davidfrey's birthday party. Ben had to give him mom a check so we walked over to her appartment (same complex). Jason got confused and thought we were leaving the party for good and told everyone goodbye. So we chill at Ben's mom's for a while... Long story short Ben acuses his mom of having an 18 inch dildo. It was great stuff.

I also had today off so I spent it doing mostly... nothing! Angie came over this morning. Then I took a nice nap and surfed Ebay and some other sites. Ebay is so addicting it's freaking scary!

My copy of Maximo came today so I've been playing that. Pretty sweet game. Still has the same old heart boxers from the original Ghosts and Goblins!