January 27th, 2003


Local news director decides not to air a TV promo of the sports anchor nibbling on horse rectum

Had today off work... I actually took the next several (four more?) Mondays in a row off. I have lots of vacation time and I need to use some of it. I didn't do a lot today, I did get my box of Dragonball Z Cell Games today though. Went through most of that and checked that out. Ben is still trouncing me with his undefeated Piccolo.

That's ok I'll show him, I'll buy more cards. Muahaha, that's my strategy. Back to work tomorrow, I'll probably spend most of the day installing software on my new machine. I convinced Gene to give me $1000 to go to Frys and buy parts instead of buying me a machine from Dell. I got a hell of a machine for $770 at Frys. Isaac and put it all together last Friday, and I installed an OS on it, but that's about all. I'll get it up and running tomorrow. Off to bed now.

I think I'll read some more Xanth tonight. Haven't read it in a while and it's quite fun. Not quite a dragon book, but close.