January 7th, 2003


We've sold more gorilla boogers than any other product

Been too long since I posted... I'll cover two things real quick. davidfrey, potsie, gorgonous, and themabbi went to see Gangs of New York on Sunday. Dave decides to he wants to go to Century 16. It's way out of the way from where I live, 30 minutes away. So I get in my car and drive all the way out there get caught behind every single light possible and finally arrive at the theater at 3:20. Movie starts at 3:20. So I drive around the f'ing parking lot for at least 10 minutes trying to find a stupid spot. I'm never going to Century 16 again, I'm so sick of their stupid parking lot, it's always 110% full. I finally find a spot and go in to buy my ticket "It's front row only" she says. No big deal Dave is saving me a spot. Get in the theater and there are 2 seats left... in the front row. Guess Dave couldn't save us seats. So Ben and I take the front row and the movie starts. I was no more than 6 feet from the screen.

To top it all off I totally hated the movie. It was 2 hours and 40 minutes long and nothing excited really happened. Started good but went way downhill. It was way too long and way too much little stuff happened. I've never actually wished the film would break in the middle of a movie like I did during this movie. Plus the end was totally anti-climatic I was pissed... Not a good movie, I did not enjoy it. Plus my neck was really sore!

On a side note, I'd never play Zelda: Link to the Past so I loaded it up on the emulator. Beat it in three days! Woohoo!


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Andrew: so when do you think hookers will take paypal

Ben and I just got done learning how to play the Dragonball Z CCG. It's pretty wild, just a big fight. You hit me, I hit you, you hit me. Kind of a cool idea. They incorporated all the characters from the show pretty well. Last night we taught ourself the Lord of the Rings CCG. It's also a cool idea. I'm amazed how well they put those games together.

We both decided we'd spend some money on some basic cards just for something to do. It was pretty fun. I'll probably have to pick up a box of cards here to add a little spice to it. We even broke out my old Pokemon cards, which is a really simple yet fun game. Card games are fun. Hard to find people to play with though.