December 22nd, 2002


You got heroin in my peanut butter!!

Yesterday Angie's dad came over to pick me up to be go out to breakfast and then deliver toys for Toy and Joy. I had to be up at 7:08 on a Saturday, it really sucked. The jeep club that he's in delivers packages from Toy and Joy to familes around Christmas so he needed me to help navigate. It was pretty weird seeing all the different lifestyles that were receiving "assistance" from Toy and Joy. Some people very obviously needed it, and others you didn't think did. Ultimately it's not up to me to judge who should receive assistance. I was just happy to be giving toys out to kids. I mean if they're screwing the system and getting toys when they shouldn't be it's on their conscience. I mean how lame would it be to rip off an organization like that.

After that Ben, Mike, Ferrel, Dave, Anil, and Dan all went and saw the Two Towers. It was pretty good, I enjoyed it. They took some obvious liberties with the sequence of events as portrayed by the movie, but otherwise I'd say it was quite accurate.

Today I went to my uncles to play poker. It was a good time. Not very often all my uncles are in town and able to play cards. So that was fun, and took most of the day. After that we dropped by my grandmother's to say hi and have a bite to eat since she was so close. Now I'm home and getting ready to go to bed so I can be up bright and early to be to work. First day in a week that I've been to work, I'm sure I'll have a lot to catch up on.