December 16th, 2002


I have reason to believe my penis was exposed to LSD. When I ejaculate I have flashbacks

Well I'm officially not going to be in the office for an entire week while I attempt to get my RHCE out at ye olde Axian training facility. I guess the success rate for this test is only like 40%, so we'll see how well I do.

It's basically four days of class and then the test is on Friday. I'm pretty confident in my knowledge of Linux that I should be able to pass it. I hear it's quite tough even if you know what you're doing. I'll make a post tomorrow when I know how hard it's really going to be.

Robert Hamburger has a black belt in Street Fighter 2

Today was the first day of my RHCE exam... I went in not expecting much, and I ended up being pretty surprised. This is gonna one hardcore class/test. I suppose that will be good because I'll have to apply myself pretty hard. It shouldn't be that hard because it's something that I'm interested in. It's not one thing that's hard (in fact it's all pretty simple stuff) there there is just a huge mass of information we're going to need to know for the test. It's pretty daunting.

The place I'm taking it at is pretty cool too. It's really laid back and casual. They have a fridge full of pop we can just grab whatever we want from. They have fresh coffee and donuts in the morning, and they're evening giving us a per diem for lunch. Out of pocket cost to Scott: $0. In fact after I get paid for mileage I may come out ahead!

The teacher said he gave the test last week in LA to six people and zero passed. He also said that's not average, usually the failure rate is only 60%. Regardless I remain optimistic because I think I know the material pretty well. I'm really gonna have to study this week though, so any plans I had after 5pm this week are officially cancelled. Thursday night especially, I'm really gonna need ot get down to some serious studying. So far so good though :)