December 13th, 2002


Andrew: im the guy who bangs the teacher, i mean how crazy is that !

Took Katatafish to work today to see if I couldn't figure out why the thing was being so damn loud. Jared and I worked on it for a while and basically determined that the CPU fan was overly noisy, as was the HD. We had an old 10G hard drive just laying around that was much quieter so I just swapped out for that. Jason has and old and small CPU fan. So I pried of the existing noisy fan and jury rigged the new one onto the heatsink. Much quieter. I threw in another case fan just to be safe since there isn't much air flow in there. So it's much quieter now :)

The whole thing will be complete when my Geforce 4 MX arrives monday. Then the TV out should be top notch!