November 17th, 2002


Had sex with my daughter's fiancé and then douched with Lysol... feelin' a little raw down there.

Just got back from seeing Harry Potter. We were going to go to the 3:40 show but it was "first three rows only" left, so we bagged off and went at 6:45 instead. Since we had some time to kill we went over to Fry's and I took back a PS2 game I had. I ordered something from and it didn't work. It was mastered bad or something. So rather than mailing it back I just took it to Fry's and told them I got it as a gift and it didn't work and I just wanted to exchange it. They eventually gave me the replacement, and it even works!

Later we went to Arby's for some dinner then to the 6:45 Harry Potter show. It was a pretty good flick, I enjoyed it. Very true to the book. A little intense, especially at the end. Sort of odd considering it's a kids movie. If I had little kids I don't know if I'd want them to go see that.

Now I'm home and I checked my mail and I got the Revolution OS DVD that HP was giving away for free. I'll have to watch it tomorrow, it looks pretty cool. Time for me to go to bed since I have to be to work tomorrow at 6am. At least gorgonous will be there sharing in my misery.