September 15th, 2002


Geocities: The number one choice for wrasslin websites and fake porn links on the net

Today was a pretty great day. Despite the fact that I woke up pretty early because some jackass called my house at 6:08am. Ben and I went downtown so he could spend his Powell's gift certificate. On the way I stopped off at my parents so I could get a haircut. When my dad saw Ben he offered him some "good scotch," since he didn't get any last time. Ben's quote was, "well... it's after 12 so I may as well." It was 12:15! Nothing like starting the day off with a little booze. Got some good books at Powell's and then came home intending to read but instead fell asleep on my futon watching the Simpons.

I just got back from davidfrey's apartment where Drunken Game Night took place. We sat around, drank, played some board games, and checked out Dave's Tivo. I definitely need to get a Tivo. Those things are awesome. I'll have to start saving my pennies. I don't think I've ever really seen Dave drunk before tonight, it was pretty awesome. Trying to play cards with drunk Dave is great :)

I dont use pop3 i use outlook express

I have determined that it is a physical impossibility for one to install mailing list software on Linux. I've tried both MailMain, and Majordomo neither of which I could get working after an hour of tinkering. I'm a smart guy, I know my way around a Linux box, but these pieces of software are the biggest loads of garbage I've ever seen. Whatever happened to the:

make install

There are funky permission issues, and alias issues, and God knows what else thwarting my installation. I can't be the only one out there that realizes that it takes a degree in rocket science to install one of these things. Grrrrrr... They're not even that complicated. I could write one in perl in 10 lines!!!