September 8th, 2002


My wig is wet

I stole that subject line from scottbateman, I hope he doesn't mind.

Anyway... I'm selling my first item on Ebay today. I've bought probably a hundred things from Ebay, but I've never sold anything. I don't have a lot around here to sell but I do have a couple things. The first being a DVD I don't need anymore which you can see here: Interview With the Vampire DVD - Mint

I still have that old Disney Tarzan poster under my bed I may sell. It's an original poster from a movie theater. Nice vinyl and all, I bet I could get a pretty penny for that. We'll see how this auction goes first.

I'd rather staple a skunk to my forehead and go to a trade show for banjo makers

Today Angie and I went to the Wizards of the Coast store in the mall because we at the mall picking up my mom's birthday present. I think that's my new favorite store. They have some really cool games, a lot of unique stuff you wouldn't find anywhere else. There were having a buy two games, get one free. So I did. I got two card games: Set and Guillotine, and a board/marble game called Abalone. So far I've played Guillotine and Abalone, but not Set. Those games are great. I highly recommend the store.