September 7th, 2002


I'm ass over teakettle in love with my girlfriend

So this morning I wake up and I hear my fire alarm "chirping." It would bee once every 40 seconds, just real quick, and then remain quiet. Not really sure why. Normally I'd think the battery was running low, but this one is wired to the house power. It got pretty annoying pretty quick. Checked everything I could think of and nothing working. Checked the website and got the .PDF manual which told me that a slow beep like that was if it sensed a real small amount of smoke. I guess maybe there was still a little smoke in the house from last night's cigars. Not really sure. Setup a fan to blow the air outside and it went quiet.

Then tonight Angie, Ben, and I decided to order Chinese food. I called the barely english speaking Chinese place, ordered our food which was only six items. He told me it would cost $38 and be ready in fifteen minutes. $38!?! I told him to cancel the order that we'd just come down to the restaurant instead. So we did, and including tip it was about $20. Weird.