September 2nd, 2002


This game is so bad, you'll start rooting for diabetes

I determined this morning that if I had a dvd player in my bathroom I'd never leave. That would be so great, every man's dream. I told Andrew about my revelation to which he replied, "hang on I have to go pee on a piece of paper." I guess he's on some diet that requires him to test his urine for some chemical. "You can either pee on the piece of paper, or taste your urine." Any diet that could potentially require me to taste my own urine is automatically ruled out in my book. What a wild day off.

Watched a little Lord of the Rings today, which I still contend is one of the best movies ever. I can't wait until the extended edition DVD comes out. If it's half as good as the regular one it'll be great. Now I'm waiting to go over to my parents for my mom's birthday bbq.