August 25th, 2002


These people could have made a game about ass cancer worse than the original

Just got done playing poker for the first time in my new house. Dave Robben made a comment that he was upset that I've been in my house for over 5 months and he hasn't received a poker invitation yet. So we made plans and played poker. I probably invited 15 people but everyone had plans at the last minute. Pretty weird. It ended up just being my dad, Ben, Dave Robben, and me. Still a lot of fun, and I won $4.

Earlier today I went downtown with my folks, and that was fun. Got to use one of the new electronic parking meters that you can pay with a credit card. They're a little complicated, I think I ended up paying for two hours when I only needed one. I got some weird "credit" for the next hour or something. The simple fact that you can use a credit card instead of fishing for loose change should make them more convenient though.

The greatest thing you'll ever learn is just to love and be loved in return

Today Ben needed to get some computers put together for work. Fourty eight of them to be exact. Angie, Ben and I drove out to the school he works at to get working on it. Isaac, Jason, and Mike were supposed to show up. Isaac showed up late because Ben forgot to remind him at the last minute, Jason didn't show up, and Mike showed up four hours late. It was a rough grueling day and I'm pretty worn out now. We didn't get all the machines put together but we did get a good chunk of them put together, and the rest prepped for Ben to finish on his own (paid) time.