August 9th, 2002


Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Cheesecake; otherwise known as, "Orgasm On A Plate"

So yesterday a whole "gaggle" of guys went downtown to watch (I use the term loosely) the Beaver's game. Considering that it was dollar beer night there wasn't a lot of baseball viewing going on. I hadn't eaten anything since noon, so I decided to have as many beers as I could quickly. I had three on my empty stomach and was pretty happy. Baseball game was good, met a lot of people, and wandered around downtown. When I got there brad asked me, "Hey, where is your hetero life mate." It was pretty damn funny.

After the game Brad called sherm and we all descended on his hotel room since he was in town. I don't think he was expecting 9 drunk 20 year olds to show up, but that's what he got. After that we wandered down to the waterfront. Along there way there was a bus parked that had some ice cream ad on the side with a note "do not lick bus." That didn't stop Mike!

After that people had to work the next day so everyone so of left. Everyone took Max down so they all just hopped on at the Max station. I just walked back to my car, turned the CD player all the way up and drove home. It was a hell of an evening.

You can't spell crap without rap

Today I bought some goldfish for our pond. They were 8 for $1. I asked for 8, and got 11. For those of you following along that three free goldfish, for a net gain of $.37 worth of goldfish. I'm thinking of quitting my job and just reselling goldfish fulltime. There is a huge untapped market out there :)

In other news the fish are doing ok. I bought all kinds of chemicals and crap to make sure the water isn't too acidic or too alkaline. The lime from the mortar I used to cement down the rocks really messed with the PH. So far so good. We'll check on it tomorrow. I think the fish are doing prety well. Probably in shock from the change in locations. Little tiny aquarium with 500 fish in it, to a big pond with only about a dozen in it.