July 31st, 2002


The main job of a doctor is to look Mother Nature in the eye and spit in her face

So I just got done writing an LJ reply and I realized something. I've been under the impression that contractions were shortened ways of writing longer phrases... Can't = can not, wasn't = was not, etc. Well consider the following example: "Isn't drinking draino bad for you?" Which would translate to, "In not drinking draino bad for you." Which I guess is functionally correct just not gramatically. Just an observation.

I had something interesting to post 10 minutes ago but I lost it. Burned some more Futurama to VCD, watched part of Swimming with the Sharks, cleaned up a bit, and then Angie came over. This whole writing a "todo" list thing is really working out pretty well for me. The more little things I write down the more I get done. Without the list it's like I don't acknowledge that things really need to get done. As soon as they're on paper there is no more ignoring them.

And by "wonderful" I obviously mean "outrageously shitty."

I forgot to mention earlier... I "got" some really cool new software for my GPS that updates the map detail that my GPS holds as well as allowing me to search for an address on my GPS now. So I can type in 123 maple street lane and it will know where that is. Before I had to punch up the waypoint on my computer. Also adds some other cool features, which is pretty darn cool.

Potsie: Depressed? Come bathe in the healing light of my cock.

So the other day I came across an article that said that Pope John Paul II was made an honorary Harlem Globetrotter. I mentioned this to my cousin and he tracked down the other honorary members. The list is as follows. Pretty wild.

Hephestus: Here are the following Honorary Globetrotters.
Dr. Henry Kissinger--Dec. 21, 1976
Bob Hope--Dec. 22, 1977
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar--Jan. 27, 1989
Whoopi Goldberg--Jan. 21, 1990
Nelson Mandela--June 26, 1996
Jackie Joyner-Kersee--Jan. 8, 1999
Pope John Paul, II--Nov. 29, 2000
Rev. Jesse Jackson--Jan. 5, 2001