July 23rd, 2002


When I think Vulcan chicks I don't think big hooters.. But maybe that's just me

Today was just an all around shitty day. Things are work are just getting worse and worse. Really sucks because things were going better for a while. They're trying to change a lot of the things around work that make working where I do good. 95% of the reason I'm still at the company is because of those certain things, things that make the job fun and interesting. You take that away and I'm not left with much. Sorta sucks. Have to wait and see how it all pans out, but needless to say I'm upset. I was fuming at work all day today, it was pretty bad.

On an up note, those of you that were worried about my bank account situation (none of you) can rest easy. I checked the mail today and there was a letter from my bank with a cancelled check in it. I guess Ben closed his checking account after his car got broken into, but still used that account to write me a check for rent/bills last month. So my account was short the money for that check (I hadn't noticed). So the good news is that I'll have a considerable chunk of extra change, and the bad news is that Ben won't.