July 9th, 2002


You can pick through a million lies and never have one of your own

Well today pretty much sucked ass all around. Got to work at 3:30am with gorgonous and got the mail server upgrade/migration done in record time. So that part of the day was good. We were done by 4:30ish, so we took the opportunity to move some equipment to make room for the new servers we ordered. Overall that part was good.

After that it was sort of quiet time until 8:00am when everyone started arriving. We had a long meeting at 11:00 that sort of went south. I suppose some good things were accomplished but overall the meeting was awkward and accusatory which is not good for anyone.

Came home from work and pretty much passed out on my couch because I was exhausted and it was about 8000 degrees inside my house. I really wanted to put up my new mailbox but it was just too darn hot to be digging a post hole and pouring cement. Hopefully it will cool down tomorrow.