June 30th, 2002


morty has an ass like two boys fighting under a blanket

Yesterday Ben, Jenn, and myself went to Staples to see if I could find a bookshelf. I need a bookshelf to put all my DVDs on because the DVD rack I have no doesn't hold all the DVDs that I have, and they don't make them much bigger than what I have. So the next logical step is to get a bookshelf. We didn't really find one, at least not one that I could fit in my car.

We did however find Warcraft III on the shelf four days early! It's not supposed to come out until Tuesday but they must not know that. Regardless, we both picked up a copy of it. It's an extremely badass game.

Never underestimate the power of salad cream

My humans just trounced themabbi's undead minions of the night at a little WarCraft III. That game is badass... I can see much time spent playing that.

Ben already admitted that he's not going to work tomorrow just because he wants to play it. Can't say that I blame him, it's a perfectly good way to spend your day. Somehow it's all that much more satisfying knowing that we have it 4 days before anyone else.