June 22nd, 2002


As a friend summed it up "I have found in me the urge to buy power tools"

Last night a whole gaggle of us went and saw Minority Report. Even Radke went, which was surprising. It's been getting really good reviews (95%+) so it looked like something interesting to do. It was a really good movie, not predictable at all. I really thought it was going to be predictable, but it wasn't. I thought the movie was over three times but it just kept going. I enjoyed it.

After that we all went to Red Robin to discuss the various sexual possitions we're sure Ben's mom likes, and the many types of convicts Andy's mom is rooming with at this moment. Good time was had by all. Oh I almost forgot, we spent some time discussing the great Anil Naik quote, "I came in where I came out." Good stuff.

Got home around 11:30 and watched some South Park with Andy and Ben and then headed to bed. Ben's brother Casey came over to borrow $50 for something. No one is really sure what, but my guess is japanese male hookers.