June 11th, 2002


BONZI BUDDY: My Grape Ape Friend With The Slurred Speech

So I was sitting around my house bored tonight and I decided to go to Home Depot to get the wheel for my broken screen door. Got the part that I wanted and then wandered around the store for a bit. I swear, that store is amazing. I think Home Depot and Frys are two stores that you cannot leave without buying at least one thing. Just so many cool toys to be had. On the way home I got pulled over for speeding... Got off with a warning thankfully. That did remind me of two things: I need to get my new address on my license, I also need to get the title for my car transferred to my name.

As I was driving home with the window down, and the music up loud (ala bradfitz I came to a realization. I remember sitting around back in High School thinking about girls/boobs/sex etc. Back then I was a virgin and the idea of actually having sex was totally foreign. Fast forward 8 years and I have a totally different view of sex. Sex is amazing, it's so natural, and it has such a profound on your physically and emotionally. It would be a really hard thing to give up, to never have sex again.