June 4th, 2002


Never underestimate the power of salad cream

Rode my bike to work today. First time ever. It was nice not having to go in until later, gave it time to warm up. I was gonna get in my car and then I thought, "why bother." Hopped on my bike, rode to the post office and dropped off some Netflix DVDs and then biked to work. It was probably a grand total of .5 miles maybe, but it was nice. Quick, simple bike ride. Might have to do that again more often.

I do however recommend that you not attempt to ride a bike while holding a cherry slurpee. It much more difficult than it looks.

A little tart like that could save you a fortune on prostitutes

Tonight was my last official Intra-personal communications class. Pretty exciting really, let me tell you. We sat around and talked for a good chunk of the class, a couple people gave their speeches, took a mini-test/questionaire, and wrote what grade we were giving ourselves on a piece of paper. I gave myself a B, mostly because I didn't do all the reading, nor talk much in class. I'm glad the class is over, it will be nice to get back to a normal Tuesday schedule again.

Ben and I just got done watching The Score. It was sort of blah, nothing special really. I guess I was just expecting more from it.