April 25th, 2002


Suspect Claims Al Qaeda Hacked Microsoft

I was asking Jason about the update to the software that I wrote and this is what I get... Damn I'm good!

Potsie: Yeah I'm running it. And you know what Scott...I'm not one to exagerate or blow things out of porportion but I think this new version of the access front end is the greatest thing I've exerpienced since my first sexual experience.
Potsie: I'm filled with mixed emotions every time I use the new search feature. It's as though I'm happy that I'm useing such an exquisit piece of software, and yet saddened that I spent all those months not useing it.
Potsie: Only pure silky excellence.
Potsie: Every time I use it is like I've just taken a bite of sweet delicious fruit.
Potsie: Fruit sent by Zues himself.

Man Bitten By Radioactive Sloth Does The Lying-Around-All-Day Of 10 Normal Men

So the previous owners of this house moved to the Seattle area because he got a new "job." The more I live here, the more I think it was a cover story, I think the ants drove him out! Everyday there are little ants here, and there. Just enough to be annoying.

Today davidfrey came over after work to discuss my potential pond. I have two of Angie's old goldfish that need a home, so I'm going to build a pond. Well he came up on my front porch and noticed that the ants were marching right up and in my house via the pole on the front porch. I quickly dispatched the diazanon and took them out!