April 7th, 2002


You just earned yourself one free gift certificate for a karate chop

Last night was drunken movie night... made the huge mistake of going to Red Robin before hand. themabbi, bigj, Andy, and I went out there to have a quick dinner before hand... We all had a pretty big dinner and then came back here. I had two shots of 151, and another shot of some other Rum... I felt NOTHING all night, and neither did Ben. I was ticked. I think I had too much food in my stomach that offset the booze. Either that or Red Robin's onion rings counteract 151 :)

Today I cleaned up a bit and then went shopping with angz. Went to Barnes and Noble to exchange a book. Picked up another Foxtrot book. Foxtrot rocks!

After that we went to Sears and I picked up a nice 6 horse power craftsman lawn mower for $200. Came home and started to put it together only to find that I was missing a pin to hold the handle together. I was ticked that I was going to have to drive all the way back out there. I eventually found it laying in the driveway. So now all I need is a gas can and some gasoline.

Update: I just relazied that my lawn mower is 12 times more powerful that my garage door opener.