March 26th, 2002


I told the PTA that they need to fire this rat bastard's ass because kids shouldn't be learning abou

Ben and I just got done watching the Everest Imax movie. Pretty sweet actually... Everest is hardcore! I had no idea how insane it was to climb that thing.

I brought up the question: "Who would win a 10 round bare knuckle boxing match, the Colorado River, or Everest?" We pretty much determined that they're both pretty hardcore so it would probably be a draw.

Now I'm surfing Ebay trying to win some auctions for some Final Fantasy Music.

That's it Uglycat, I'm putting land mines in your litter box.

Sprayed some grass killer on my backyard today. I wasn't aware of how bad it was until I got out there and walked around in it. It was really spotty and the slope is all gross. The dog they had back there tore it up pretty good. So the plan is to kill all the grass back there, level it out, and replant making it nice again.

You all should read this awesome recap of the ant fiasco that's been going on over here.

Oh and lastly you should check out this picture too