March 18th, 2002


Your wife's virtue will remain as untouched as Bill Gate's weight room

To recap the last couple of days. I've had ants in my house. Not sure where they were coming from, but I think I got rid of them. Luckily we had an exterminator at work so I just asked him on the side and he gave me some ant traps. This was before I knew I even had the problem. They were all over my kitchen, and some in my computer room. Now they seem to be gone.

Work has been ABSOLUTELY* nuts the last couple of days. Apparently marketting decided it was a good idea to launch this HUGE* promotion for our DSL. So this means a LOT* of work for me and Justin. Lots of little things to be done, and stuff to get squared away. Cool stuff in the works, but still it means a lot of work.

Gene has been on vacation most of the last couple of days. He's gonna come back and freak out that all this happened without him. That's just how he works. Like he would have had any say... he'll still be pissed. We'll see what sort of hell breaks loose when this happens.

* Bold and CAPITAL letters denotes "a fucking lot"