March 1st, 2002


T. Eliot nixes sex in toilet!

Yesterday was pretty cool... Went and saw Jenn since she was in town and I haven't seen her in over a year. Took the scenic route to Jantzen Beach though. Someone how I got off I-5 and it took me a bit to get back on it. Thank God for my GPS, it saved my ass again. Once I got there we just talked, bitched about work, bitched about our siblings... etc. That's all we ever do, talk. I suppose it's the one thing we're good at.

I stayed later than I should have considering I had to work today. Got home around midnight and then stayed up to check some email. Luckily I had a dentist appointment today so I could sleep in a little bit. The dentist was ok, got my teeth cleaned. Look ma, no cavities. Went to Fry's at lunch and davidfrey bought me Jay and Silent Bob: Strike Back on DVD. Which is way cool... I bought him Tron, little late birthday exchange. I'd say it worked out pretty damn good.