February 17th, 2002


Holy crap my next-door neighbor is Stone Cold Steve Austin!

Normally my LJ subject lines are some random non-sequitor that I've picked up somewhere. Well not today! I actually uttered those words yesterday when I say my neighbor. He's about 6'2", 250 lbs, completely shaved head and he's RIPPED. Scary looking dude :)

Anyway, I got all my stuff moved into the house yesterday. Thanks to bigj, themabbi, Chris, my uncle Mark, and my dad. Really wasn't that hard moving things, it only took two trips. Jared has a monsterous truck that made short work of hauling my stuff.

After we got everything over there I had to run over to Derek's house to pickup his (my) big screen tv. *asdfasdfdroolasdfasd* WOW! That TV owns me! It's incredible... I need to get a couch or davidfrey's futon so I have something to sit on while I watch DVDs.

Today I'm at my parents (since my damn DSL doesn't work yet) so I can go pickup a refridgerator and maybe a bigger bed as well. Plus I get to mooch off their DSL which is nice. I'm really just avoiding going home because I'm trying to avoid unpacking and organizing all my stuff.