February 15th, 2002


I'm going to get a bigass gun and go stupid fuckhead hunting

Today at work I scored some major good deals towards getting my house wired to the extreme! Since they sold off the business unit they have a lot of left over parts. Well what do you know, I have a house now and I'm gonna need some parts. I already got a spool of cat5 for free, so all I needed were some wall plates. Well I got 12 nice wall plates, a nice 6 port wall plate for my "patch panel" which is really just gonna be my closet, RJ-45 plugs for all the wall plates, and 5 nice stainless steel wallplates. Now all I have to do is actually wire the house, I have everything else I'll need.

After work I went over and cleaned up the kitchen and did some touch up on the paint. It's now all officially done, all painted and all cleaned. I suppose I should still shampoo the carpets, but I may do that tomorrow. I'm just really burned out on this whole house prepping thing. I've been doing it all week and I'm tired of it. I just want it all to be done and me living there. But alas no, I still have to move in. That's gonna be going on tomorrow most of the day, of which none of my stuff is packed. *sigh*

Don't get mad, get naked!

On a side note... I'm officially not eating any meat (yes gorgonous, even fish) for 40 days. Gave it up for lent... I'm going strong, three days in a row now. It's really not that hard not to eat meat, it's not like I stare at a hamburger and drool or anything. Sometimes your menu choices are limited, which sucks. It's a lot easier to eat vegetarian at home. I'm sure I'll be healthier after it's all said and done.