February 10th, 2002


Punxsutawney Phil a terrorist target?

Went to bed a little early last night, around 11:00. Slept pretty good, but woke up at 8 am sharp. My dad cooked breakfast and now he's ready to go. In fact he was ticked we didn't leave earlier. Today should be a little easier, we'll see. Anyway off to get some more paintin' done!

On a side note, my mom keeps telling me how much she likes Mozilla. She was using old school Netscape 4.6 I guess, and ocassionally IE, but now she, "really likes Mozilla, it's quicker and not as crashy."

i want an x-box based firewall, sure it may not be secure but can you imagine the speed and quality of the graphics displaying the message your machine has been compromised!

Spent most of the day at my new house painting and getting it ready to move in. It's taking a lot longer than I expected because the ceiling was a gigantic pain in the ass. gorgonous and themabbi both came over today to help. My dad spent most of the day working on the second bedroom while Ben, Isaac, and I worked on painting the front room. I'm really glad they both came they really helped out, it would have been a huge pain in the ass without them.

I just need to paint the walls in the front room yet, but that should be pretty easy compared to the huge pain in the ass that the rest was. I had Isaac take some pictures of our handiwork today. I posted some comparisons shots below. You can see all the pictures here.