January 25th, 2002


Happy New Year, Gandalf is gay!

Just got back from having birthday dinner for my grandma at my aunt's house. It was quite fun, I had plenty of chances to body slam my cousin Rick, I beat John hardcore at some foosball, and had a good dinner. Now I'm really tired all the sudden. I think I'll lay down and watch Ferris Bueller's Day Off and relax.

I must note one extremely humorous thing that happened this even. My aunt Kris was telling a story about a friend of hers that just got a new chihuahua and she named it Frank. My aunt was a little taken aback because that's my grandfather's name. He never really liked pets much, and here this little tiny wimpy dog has his namesake. So she's telling us this story and she says, "Dad would have just died," knowing that there a dog with his name. To which my aunt Francie responds, "he did!"