January 20th, 2002


Woodburn might as well be Moscow

Just got back from Angie's. I went over to be totally spontaneous and romatic, I rock. She was playing some Crash Team Racing when I got there. She couldn't beat the last guy so I helped her out. Last guy cheats like a mofo, took me like 4 or 5 tries to beat him.

After that we just watched some TV. Mostly Saturday Night Live with special guest host Jack Black, which unfortunately really sucked ass. Jack Black is pretty cool (I think) but SNL really sucked tonight. All the skits were just really weird. I'm starting to wonder if Jack Black really isn't that funny.

Don't ever trust a woman... until she's dead

Watching The Chamber which is this new gameshow on Fox. Basically it involves the contestant being strapped to a metal chair that moved into a small closed chamber with either extreme heat and fire, or extreme cold and ice. All while being asked trivia questions. It's sorta dumb though, there is too much build up and very little payoff.