January 15th, 2002


Circumcision is an addendum to the pudendum

Work was busy today. Odd that it's busy today for no reason, yet most other days it's slow as hell. Angie came and had lunch with me and then the library. Picked up *counts* eleven CDs I had ordered from the library. Woohoo, it was MP3 day here earlier. CDex rocks for making CDs into MP3s quickly. So I have a lot more MP3s now.

Played some serious Final Fantasy X tonight. Spent a good hour or so just trying to dodge lightning. I dodged 200 lightning bolts in a row, ran a butterfly gauntlet and got two more ultimate weapons. My guys are pretty badass now, it's cool.

Tomorrow at work is the big firewall shootout. Justin and I sit down and show the rest of the crew some different options for firewall setup, and then we all decide which one we like. It'll be interesting to get everyone else's opinion on it. Now I think I'm off to bed, been a long day.

Things to do tomorrow: finalize mortgage rate, and call about home owners insurance.

I'm not a dyke just 'cause I shaved my head, but if it keeps certain people away, fuckin 'A right on

I forgot to mention... I was trying to show someone pictures of the house this morning and they were complaining that site wouldn't come up. Did some research and the bastards at the registrar apparently deleted the whole damn thing! It looks like I registered the domain a little over a year ago. I only registered for a year. Well I never got a renewal notice or anything, so they just up and deleted the whole domain. They didn't bother to email me about it, or even suspend the account. As of this morning perturb.org was available for purchase!

I don't know what was going on over there. I tried calling them, it rang about 40 times and no one answered. I emailed their tech support and got the run around. I figured since it was available that I'd just register it again. ntang suggested godaddy.com, so I hit their website and had it ordered around 10am. As of 15 minutes ago the site appears to be back up again. Least now I won't drop e-mail.