January 14th, 2002


i wouldnt mind being called Unicron Hercules IV

Couldn't sleep well last night, my mind was going a mile a minute. Feel asleep around midnight woke up around 4:30 with all my sheets torn off my bed. Tried to fall back to sleep, didn't work. Around 5:30 I gave up and got up, took a shower and came into work early. I dig the city and driving when there is no one around. Surprising there were a lot more people leaving Canby than driving into it at that hour.

I forgot to mention yesterday that we did and see Orange County and yes it did suck. It had some funny parts, almost all of them were Jack Black, but otherwise it was pretty lame. It tried to be serious, some teen coming of age thing, but it didn't do it very well. I wouldn't recommend it.

Andrew: btw your president should stick to the jello, he cant handle solid food like pretzels

It's 1:14pm and I'm not feeling any pain! Why is it that on the days that I get like zero sleep I'm really wired, but on the days I get a decent amount (7-8 hours) I'm tired. Odd!

Just waiting until 2pm when the inspection for the house is. Hopefully things will go better for this house. Afterwards it's home I go, to rest and probably hammer out the finer details of my mortgage. Looks like I can get a mortgage between 6.5% and 7.0% which isn't bad.

If you go into Burger King and say you want your box gold-plated, and are willing to pay for it, they will likely laugh at you, and possibly even pelt you with pickle slices

Left work around 2pm today. Which was just in time to get to the house for the inspection by 2:01. Man that commute is gonna be sweet! When I got to the house the inspector and my realtor were there. The inspector commented, "this is a really cute house." I guess he had walked around the outside before I got there. He said it looked pretty decent from the outside. They did find a little bit of the siding that had been eaten by some carpenter ants.

So he started his inspection while I wandered the outside and looked around. I snapped some more pictures and got another good look at the exterior of the house. Inspection went really well, short of the carpenter ants problem. There were some minor things that need to get fixed but overall it went quite well.

House #23