December 29th, 2001


Do they kick you out of the trailer park if you don't like watching wrasslin'?

I think I've decided that I want to move into Canby. Gladstone or Oregon City would be fine too, but Canby would be my first choice now. I just need to find a house now. Angie and I drove around Canby today because I had a couple my realtor had emailed me. Two were pretty ass, but the third one had a lot of potential. I need to get ahold of my realtor and go walk through it.

I figure that Canby is a pretty decent small/quite town, I'd be really close to work, and also close to Beaverton/Wilsonville area. I figure for now it will be very close to work, and my next job will probably be in the high tech sector which is in that area. So it should be conducive to both.