December 24th, 2001


Capital Bogosity In E-Mail Is A Near-Sure Sign Of Spam

scooty and Justin both put in and got me Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty for PS2. Badass! They rock! Other than that work was pretty dead today. Support got a fair amount of calls but I didn't have much to do. I polished off some scripts and worked with Justin on some firewall stuff.

Connie bought eveyone pizza at lunch, which was quite nice. After that she even let us all go home at 3pm which was really sweet. So I got home and had to drive my "half of a ham" that work gave me over to Mark's to cook tomorrow.

Had dinner with my folks and aunts/uncles on my moms side. Brian came over and was a little crazy, but I guess that was to be expected. Next family function he gets invited to I may just go with Angie to her family function. Dan was even a little of a punk, nothing more than normal though. Apparently he doesn't want to come over tomorrow morning for Christmas morning presents. That's too much of a waste of time. *sigh* Whatever... we'll see.

blackice just dropped by. I showed him some cool PS2 stuff and then he dropped off a present for me. It'll definitely be going in my cubicle somewhere.

Oh and I took a picture of the new cat... Cute: